Fundraising for Feedhenry Ltd.


FeedHenry Ltd. ("Feedhenry") is a provider of a SaaS-based mobile enterprise application platform.  It enables companies to develop mobile app's on a single platform which can then be accessed by all forms of mobile device i.e. device/operating system agnostic, whilst providing uniformity and consistency in terms of how these app's access the company's back-end IT systems.  

This approach holds significant benefits for companies who only need to code an app once, and also offers significant security and performance benefits.  Pegasus Capital advised the company on a series A funding round of US$ 9m, led by Intel Capital and with participation from VMware, Kernel Capital and Enterprise Ireland.  This funding enabled the company finance significant further investment in its product and go-to-market strategy.

YEAR: 2013
SECTOR: Software
TERMS: USD 9,000,000